Saturday, January 27, 2007

Draft keeps on rolling.....

The minor league draft keeps rolling on in the URL. Teams are loading up on tomorrows stars. Alley Cats owner Charles Rector likes the minor leaguers that GM Dave Dombrowski and minor league director John Schuerholz is putting together. "We love our young guys", Rector stated. "We have picked up several guys that could be brought up this season and yet some that are a few years away." Rector continued, "Our free agent signing period, we were able to bring in a few young guys that we have since sient down to our minor league facility." Headlining the players that have already been sent down are Alex Gordon(2006 Minor League Player of the Year) and Philip Hughes(former New York Yankees top rated prospect).
Schuerholz couldn't help but smile when talking about the Cats youngsters. "There are too many great ones to single just one out", Schuerholz said. "I am going to sit down with Don (Mattingly, Minor League manager) and we will come up with a breakdown of each Minor League player and it will be distibuted to the media."

....Coming soon, a breakdown of Alex Gordon


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

We have WOOD! (couldn't resist.....sorry)

The Alley Cats made their first selection of the Minor League Draft by selecting perhaps the number one prospect in the game. The Cats pulled in Brandon Wood a shortstop minor leaguer formely of the Los Angelas Angels organization.
Minor league driector John Scherholz had the following to say, "Brandon is a super talent. He is first and foremost a shortstop, but we may look at moving him to either third or possibly the outfield." Minor League manager Don Mattingly was estatic to have Brandon Wood come aboard. "We have by a lot of peoples accounts the number one prospect in baseball", Mattingly said. "What more can we ask for than Wood to build our minor league organization around." "I have a feeling though, he will not be in the minors much longer", Mattingly continued.

Other news of the day were the signings of two super pitchers in Francisco Rodrigues and Philip Hughes. Also landed was a former Alley Cat at a fraction of his previous salary. Grady Sizemore dons the blue of the Cats for the second time this young season. "Grady explored his options, but felt Atkins was the place to be", GM Dave Dombrowski said. "We gave him a HUGE contract the first time, but he asked for his release", Dombrowski said. "When he couldn't find the proper fit we landed him again, for a lot less this time around", Dombrowski continued.

"We signed some great talent and couldn't be happier", owner Charles Rector said. "We worked our warroom staff to death over the last few weeks, needless to say.....we will be popping the bubbly tonight to celebrate our inagural season", Rector said. "We may even pull out a table and play some cards!"

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Alley Cats bring in future all-star....

The Alley Cats acquired a future all star on Thursday night. Once again, in a move with the Peffercorns the Cats acquired Andre Ethier for fire baller Chad Billingsly and financial considerations.

GM Dave Dombrowski had the following to say when reached for comment. "We feel Andre will be an all-star. He is young and has tons of potential. We losta great prospect on the hill in Billingsly, but his salary was just a little too high for us."

Manager Lou Whitaker stated, "Andre is at a great price, and we are thrilled to have him become a Cat."

Sunday, January 07, 2007


GM Dave Dombrowski has been a busy man lately. First, he sat down with Cubs owner Jason Hoover and made a deal to bring in superstar Dontrelle Willis. "Willis is an aceand that was something our staff lacked", Dombrowski said. Pitching coach Jack Morris commented, "Dontrelle is a player that can help mentor our younger players. He is going to help me, as well as our staff."
Dombrowski was in contact all weekend with several owners trying to move a disgruntled player. That player, Chad Tracy, has been moved a couple of times this season. It has been reported that he has been unhappy with the trade that brought him to the Alley Cats. "Chad came into my office last Friday and we had a great talk", Dombrowski said. "He asked me for a trade and I told him that I would work to try and pull something together", Dombrowski continued.
This morning the Alley Cats owner Charles Rector announced that Dombrowski had finalized a deal that involved Chad Tracy. "We have made a deal with a familiar trading partner", Rector said. "We made yet another deal with Wendy's Peffercorns owner Mike Salony."
Dombrowski announced the details of the deal as follows:
"We have granted Chad Tracy his request of relocating back to the team that originally drafted him", the GM stated. "Chad as well as outfielder Dave Roberts will be going to Wendy's as well as a little cash in exchange for Chone Figgins", Dombrowski continued.
"Chone is an excellent ballplayer. He can play multiple positions which is a huge asset for our organization", Owner Charles Rector said. "We had bids in on him from the get go, but unfortunatly we filled up and had to withdraw our original bid", Rector said. "We feel it is poetic justice that Chone has made his way to Atkins."

"We plan on sitting back and stop the dealing, but you never can tell. We are an aggressive organization, therefore WATCH OUT.........we may just trade our coaches as well", the Alley Cats owner stated.

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Face of franchise on the move?

The cover boy of the Alley Cats could be on the move? Rumors have been swirling about a blockbuster trade that has been in the works since the end of last week, and sources close to the situation say they invole the first signing in franchise history..........Torri Hunter. Hunter became the first player signed by the Alley Cats of the newly formed URL. Owner Charles Recor wouuld not comment on the trade rumors, but did say great things about Hunter and the franchise. "Torri is a phenomonal player and person. He is the poster boy of our franchise. The only way our poster boy would leave our house would be a blockbuster trade, and most of the owners are set with their rosters right now", Rector said.
When reached for comment, GM Dave Dombrowski declined to verify the rumor. "Just sit back, wait and see and enjoy some SAFE New Year's partying."

There are also rumors about a few more of the Alley Cat players. The sports editor of the Atkins Chronicle commented, "the Cats have made a ton of moves already, I wouldn't expect anything less than to see several members of the current roster change locations before spring training arrives."

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Fans outraged?

Fans of the Alley Cats were stunned Thursday when the Cats signed Jeremy Bonderman to a deal instead of the best pitcher in the game, Johan Santana. "We had very good reasons", GM Dave Dombrowski said. I have worked with Bondo before, he was a Tiger which is dear to my heart and I felt it was the best move for us at this time." Owner Charles Rector agreed with Dombrowski. "Yes, it would have been nice to have a pitcher of Santanas caliber on our roster, but we don't want to be financially strapped years down the road. We could have signed him for 400/5 years, but signing Bonderman at 35/5 years made more sense too us, esppecially financially."

Pitching coach Jack Morris had the following to say. "Today is not a sad day here in is a GREAT day!" "We signed one heck of a pitcher, who we feel will win 20 games for us next year." "He is an all-star player with World Series experience!"

When contacted about the whole ordeal Bonderman said, "I am pumped to be an Alley Cat!" Also adding, "I promise that my signing will be the steal of the URL.......MARK MY WORDS."

Alley Cats continue the shuffle!

The Alley Cats once again pulled off a last minute trade. They shipped reliever Mike Gonzalez to Wendy's for Raul Ibanez and financial considerstions. The Peffercorns and Cats have been involved in several deals leading several teams to wonder if they are working together. Owner of the Cats Charles Rector had this to say about the aligations. "There is no way we are working together. We both just like to wheel and deal a little. I am a gambling man. I will gamble on about anything, even my franchise."

In a strange move, the Alley Cats released Grady Sizemore to make room for Ibanez. Grady has been unhappy since he came to Atkins. He asked for his release and we granted it. Someone will sign a superstar down the road. Mangaer lou Whitaker said, "We hate to lose Grady, but he was not happy." "There are no ill feelings towards him at all."
Sizemore had this to say, "I don't hate Atkins, I just signed too early. I really want to explore my options at this point."

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Tracy acquired via trade

Chad Tracy was acquired on Sunday along with $26 in cash for Jorge Cantu and Nick Markakis. "We feel Chad is an outstanding young ballplayer." Owner Charles Rector said. "He can play multiple positions, which is always a nice asset." GM Dave Dombrowski continued, "we hate losing Jorge and Nick. Obviously we like them since we signed them, but we couldn't pass up the deal." "We freed up some much needed cap room and also recieved a heck of a player", Dombrowski said.
When asked about his new home Chad tracy had the following to say. "I am ready to help Atkins win a championship! The organization is first class and is full of great people."